Code of Ethics

We do hereby adopt this standard of ethics, governing the acceptable and expected conduct of the membership of the London Executives Association. As members in good standing, we commit to honour, abide by and promote the general precepts of this document.

We, the members, agree to practice and promote ethical and moral behaviour in all aspects of our business relationships.

We further agree to embrace and promote the qualities of honesty, integrity, and respect for all members.

We agree to abide by, and fully accept the governing laws of the land in our business and personal lives.

We will not initiate or foster any action deemed to be detrimental to the organization.

We will treat one another and our customers with the utmost of dignity and respect.


Article 1 – Name

The official name of this Association shall be LONDON EXECUTIVES ASSOCIATION.

Article 2 – Head Office

The head office of the corporation shall be in the city of London in the Province of Ontario and at such place as the Directors may from time to time determine.

Article 3 – Purpose

The purpose of the Association shall be to promote the business interests of its members.

Article 4 – Non-Profit

The Association shall be carried on without purpose of direct financial gain for its members and any profits of other accretions to the Association will be used in promoting its objectives.

Article 5 – Seal

The Seal, an impression whereof is stamped below shall be the Corporate Seal of the Association.