Want to be part of a more than $2 million business exchange?

That’s approximately how much business LEA members could generate. Can your business afford not to belong? After the completion of an application form, accompanied by a cheque for the application fee, a proposed member’s company’s name, classification and representative’s name will be read by the President to the membership for three weeks in succession in the presence of the proposed member’s representative. This information will also be published once in the bulletin. The annual membership fee is based on the Per Rate schedule and is pro-rated monthly for those joining during the course of the year. The London Executives Association (LEA) year extends from September 1, to August 31. Membership is limited to one company per classification for goods sold or services provided. Any objections to a proposed membership must be made in writing to the Board of Directors. Subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, the objection of any one member is sufficient to bar membership. This is primarily to ensure that there will be no direct conflicts among member classifications. Areas of understandable overlapping, for example:
  • Firm ‘A’ – Car Rentals
  • Firm ‘B’ – Domestic Car Sales
  • Firm ‘C’ – Foreign Car Sales
  • Firm ‘D’ – Tire Sales & Service
Will be successfully accommodated so long as a member company’s representatives confine their remarks and references during a roll call, craft talks and/or bulletin remarks, to within their respective classifications. A member company shall be represented at the meetings of the Association by a person holding an executive or decision-making position in the business. Such person should attend personally at least seventy-five (75%) per cent of the meetings of the Association in any quarter. A member company may designate an alternative representative who may represent such member at not more than twenty-five (25%) per cent of the meetings. Such alternative will not have voting privileges and is not eligible to run for the Board of Directors. Changes in company representatives will be assessed a fee and changes in alternate representatives will be assessed a fee set out in the Fee Schedule.

Apply to Become an LEA Member

Fill out and save the form. Send completed form to directors@londonexecutives.com


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