Event Details

Welcome Back, New Executive Board Swearing in! Full Roll Call, come prepared!

Date: Thursday, September 7, 2017

Time: 12:00pm

Location: London Convention Centre 300 York St London, Ontario, N6B 1P8

Speaker: Pete Thuss and Jennifer Grigg

Company: L.E.A. Welcome, First Meeting Fall Session

The Excitement for this meeting is always SPECIAL to welcome fellow Members back after the Summer break; However, We all want to thank the Executive Board Members who guided our Members through 2 years of change with the hiring of La Vonne Haynes who has been dynamite as our Executive Assistant. The highlight has been completed with a re-design of our New Website which we thank Marketing Strategies & Solutions for their contributions to assist the amazing construction and technical expertise by Smart Web Pros. We will be reviewing the extensive changes to our "User Friendly" site at a FUTURE meeting. Finally, welcome The New Board with their swearing in Today. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY FOR WE HAVE A FULL AGENDA! REMEMBER, a Full Roll Call is only possible if ALL Members come prepared & be concise!