Event Details

UNIQUE GROUP PRESENTATION-4 Professionals illustrating the Process of searching for a Property to Purchase, the Sale, securing a Mortgage with Legal representation. "Live Video Capture" by Lern 2 Liv Productions

Date: Thursday, March 30, 2017

Time: 12:00PM

Location: London Convention Centre

Speaker: Carrol Belanger, Tim Pow, Stew Thompson, MC by Adrian Peters

Company: Royal Le Page Triland Realty, TD Bank, Thomson Mahoney Delorey

The Realtor, Banker, Lawyer of our Membership will provide all Members and guests with a detailed behind the scenes and Real Life experience of the search for a home, the sale, the acquiring of the best mortgage, need for a lawyer with some of the pit-falls that happen when short cuts are taken. Adrian Peters will show his skills at moderating this event and Other members, our Surveyor, Stager, Moving & Storage companies will show how truly the LEA has a One Stop solution for assisting the purchaser of the property. THIS IS a Craft Presentation like No Other, Not to be Missed.
Fellow Members who Have a Testimonial, Let the Videographer know before the meeting.