London Ontario’s Best Business Referral Network!

Over 75 years ago, our local group launched the London Executives Association, a non-profit worldwide referral network built on a simple shared belief: “the people we know are the people we trust.”

Every member of LEA will have a personal connection to the rest of our members. And each of us conducts our business according to a shared Code of Ethics.

You’re all invited to meet our friends in London.
LEA members are all local businesses based here in London, Ontario. Anyone looking for a business to trust in this area is invited to browse through our membership directory to find a service or source we recommend. Use our classified directory on every page of the website to search by business name or by classification.

Are you already a member?
If you are employed by a member of the LEA, you are a member, too! That means you are entitled to all the benefits that our membership offers specially to association members. Be sure to mention it whenever you do business with another LEA member!

Make it a date!
Check our calendar to keep current on LEA meeting dates and other events that make LEA a vital part of business life in London!